Are we open to mercy changing our heart?

““Mercy overcomes every wall, every barrier, and leads you to always seek the face of the man, of the person. And it is mercy which changes the heart and the life, which can regenerate a person and allow him or her to integrate into society in a new way.” –”

Pope Francis
Recently, I was asked the last time I went and sought mercy from someone else. As I was thinking, the caution (from a good friend) was, “Dan, don’t think about all the people who should be asking you for forgiveness.” My friend was right. When I reflected upon the times that mercy had been shown to me whether I sought it or not, and the “regeneration” that it gave me, my “should list” got a lot shorter. Mercy doesn’t cost anything but my pride and the value it provides is well worth that price. Let’s invite the God of Mercy to change our hearts so through us He can continue to change lives.

by Daniel Cellucci

Jul 18, 2016

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