Are you stubborn enough?

““God loves us the way we are, and no sin, fault or mistake of ours makes him change his mind.” , WYD 2016”

Pope Francis
With most things I believe in, I tend to sound pretty confident. In fact, I have even received the feedback more times than I care to admit, that I’ve come across even obstinate. Why then, can’t I do the same about the belief the Holy Father shared in Krakow last month? How does my stubbornness come out when someone hurts me? Am I tenacious in my love for them, as God is for me? Or do I use that persistence to hold on to the hurt and keep the gap wide? I know what my scorecard looks like? How about yours? The good news for both of us is what Pope Francis reminded a million young people – God doesn’t keep score.

by Daniel Cellucci

Aug 08, 2016

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