Dance Like Someone is Watching 

““The concrete sign that we have truly encountered Jesus is the joy that we show in communicating it to others.” ”

Pope Francis
This weekend, I watched my uncle dance with his daughter at her wedding. They danced to a beautiful song he had written for her about the memories they had shared over her 30 years of life. After having gotten off a conference call to get changed and rush out of the house in order to not be late for the ceremony, I didn’t so much as wave goodbye to my little ones. Watching my uncle and cousin dance, I couldn’t help but wonder if 15-20 years from now if my children would have the vivid memories of me that my cousin had of her father. It hit me that if I wanted a moment like that two decades from now, I better do the heavy lifting now to earn it. And the same goes for passing on the faith to them. Do they see the “concrete sign” from their father on special days AND every other day? Do they experience my joy in encountering Jesus that would cause them to crave the same? I better work on that rhythm as well as my two left feet.

by Daniel Cellucci

Oct 10, 2016

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