Divine Work

“At the dawn of creation, God made man the steward of his handiwork and charged him to cultivate and protect it. Human labor is part of that creation and continues God’s creative work.  ”

Pope Francis
On my latest work trip to Rome, I "had" to spend the weekend (the quotation marks rightly added by my beautiful wife who had to (no quotation marks) care for all four kids for five days solo). I decided I would take an adventure to the sea town where my great grandfather was born and where my dear aunt still lives. The old city center of San Benedetto sits atop a mountain that overlooks the Adriatic. Houses, churches, and narrow, curving streets are carved into this mountain. At every turn, you discover something beautiful that has been tucked into another crevice. As Zia Clarita toured me around, I asked how many families with small children lived there. Thinking of my own four, I told her how impractical it would be for us. She laughed, hugged my arm tight and said, "Danny, if you only look for what is not practical, you can miss what has already been made possible. Look at what God has created through people on this mountain."  As my bus ride took me back through the mountain towns of central Italy, I reflected on my aunt’s words. In my own work and leadership, how might I be limiting "God’s creative work" by the parameter of what’s practical? In looking at the next challenge in front of me, do I take time to reflect on "God’s handiwork" in the last one? All that being said, I never once saw a double stroller.

by Daniel Cellucci

Sep 04, 2017

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