Do as I say, not as I do

“our King went to the ends of the universe in order to embrace and save every living being. He did not condemn us, nor did he conquer us, and he never disregarded our freedom, but he paved the way with a humble love that forgives all things, hopes all things, sustains all things. (cf. 1 Cor 13:7)”

Pope Francis
Early in my first supervisory role, I was called the dreaded "m" word – micromanager. It stung. I thought I was being supportive, providing clarity, and anticipating her needs. My team member affirmed that I was doing all those things, but I was also taking all the fun out of it. I removed one of the most important ingredients in her motivation – autonomy. By prescribing everything to the "T," I was denying her freedom to envision how she might fulfill her own role. I thought I was saving her time and errors, but was actually robbing her of the opportunity to connect to the effort in a deeper way. Thankfully, for us, we celebrate Christ our King who is no micromanager. He gives us the Way and also the freedom to forge our own path to Him. Do we follow His lead in our invitation to others?

by Daniel Cellucci

Nov 21, 2016

Weekly CEO Leadership Insights