Do we choose the way forward?

““The message of the Gospel today gives us great hope and we can summarize it thus: there is no sin into which we have fallen, from which, by the grace of God, we cannot rise again; there is not an irretrievable individual, because God never ceases to want our good, even when we sin!””

Pope Francis
Recently, I had a poor customer service experience. I did what every responsible, mature adult would do and composed an angry email. I wasn’t rude or inaccurate, but specific and justified in my feedback. As I reread my literary masterpiece, I noticed my email address - “catholic” What struck me was how little I modeled redemption, and how that might be received given who I represent. The priority in my message was to focus on the mistake instead on the way forward. I “ceased wanting the good” from these individuals and more or less communicated I didn’t think it was even possible. Thankfully, with God, there’s always a way forward, if we choose it. The final email didn’t win me any Pulitzers, but it did get a reply, “Thanks for your willingness to work with us.” At least, in that moment, I lived up to who my email address says I am.

by Daniel Cellucci

Sep 19, 2016

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