Do we wait for others?

““God is always waiting for us. He never grows tired. Jesus shows us this merciful patience of God so that we can regain confidence and hope — always!””

Pope Francis
These days, I feel like I am always running around. It seems as if I am either going from one meeting to the next or ending phone conversations abruptly to catch the person calling on the other line. I know how it feels for me, but reading this quote from the Holy Father, it made me wonder what it feels like for the people who experience me. How might it change that person’s day if they experienced me as waiting for them, not with impatience or anxiety, but with the sense of gratitude and possibility for what they bring – that patient, joyful expectation with which our Lord waits for us? Every morning, my three year old son Peter runs downstairs with great excitement. He sees the same thing every day –his mom, his dad, and his two sisters eating breakfast. I’m enough for him. I’m enough for God. I think maybe instead of all that running, I might need to work on letting others, especially the Lord, know that they are enough for me.

by Daniel Cellucci

Aug 15, 2016

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