Don't be bitter, be better 

“The absence of reaction is a sign of death! Consequently, the good cases of resistance – and even those not quite so good – are necessary and merit being listened to, welcomed and their expression encouraged.  ”

Pope Francis
I like to be liked. I also take great pride in my work. Put those together and it means I can take criticism pretty hard. Thankfully, early in my career, someone I trusted challenged me - "Dan, do you want to hear how good you are or do you want to hear how you can be better? Stop being defensive and listen for the opportunity." Since that challenge, I’ve been grateful for the moments when I have been able discern the learning from someone’s reaction to my leadership. When I’ve focused less on the fact they were resisting, but rather tried to understand why they are resisting, it has made me a more intentional leader and it’s pushed me to remember their dignity as a Child of God. Listening to learn rather than listening to retort will continue to be among my new year’s resolutions. I wish you well with yours!

by Daniel Cellucci

Jan 02, 2017

Weekly CEO Leadership Insights