“There is no cross, big or small, in our life which the Lord does not share with us.”

Pope Francis

Those who know me well know I’m decent in the kitchen. One of my specialties is a classic bacon-egg-and-cheese sandwich on an everything bagel. Simple you say? Well folks, often, elegance relies on simplicity. Given the waistline, I only allow myself to enjoy it once a week, usually on a weekend morning. Together with my coffee, that sandwich creates an oasis of delight amidst an otherwise quarantine stress-induced existence. Recently, our eldest, Annie has become a big fan of the Danwich. In her quest to become a self-sufficient, almost-teenager, she asked that I not only make her the sandwich, but teach her how to do it. After a little resistance, I relented and over several mornings guided her through the process. This weekend, as she took out the ingredients she offered to make a sandwich for me. I demurred and told her I wasn’t ready to eat yet as I watched her accidentally drop a few egg shell pieces into the hot pan. As she plated a pretty good replica, I congratulated her on her accomplishment and told her I was impressed. "Dad, I’ll know you’re really impressed when you trust me enough to actually eat something I’ve made."               

As I sat down with my own exquisitely-made Danwich, I couldn’t help but think how difficult it is for me to let go of control over so many things in my life and leadership. When I share responsibility, how much do I share trust? Do I delegate only what doesn’t affect me directly or most significantly? Am I able to simply bring a side dish or must I always prepare the main course? In my prayer life, am I bringing my biggest anxieties, my biggest sins to the Lord, and trusting Him to prepare the feast or am I still expecting to solve it all myself? I told my daughter that next week I would look forward to an Annwich, hold the eggshells.

by Daniel Cellucci

August 11, 2020

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