“Do not be satisfied with anything less than Truth and Love, do not be content with anything less than Christ.”

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

Once upon time, in a world much different than this one, there was this thing called a conference call. People from all over could speak without seeing each other’s faces and communicate in a professional tone while perhaps allowing for the very occasional and uncontrollable eye roll to go unnoticed. Extroverts never realized how wonderful this ancient form of communication was until the world required that everyone see each other, constantly, for every conversation. Are you picking up on the fact that my face got me in trouble a couple of times in the last week? Impatience is my vice and Zoom does nothing to help me hide it. While in an actual face-to-face discussion with my wife about our ever-changing plans for the fall, I responded to her question with what I thought was a very cogent and logical statement. From her standpoint, I responded with a look. "What’s with the face?" Tricia asked. "Is that the one people tell you about? Because if so, I think they have a point." I tried to reset with a forced smile, "I just think we have to face the facts," I said calmly. "The fact is, that face doesn’t help me face any facts," my wife responded with her own special look.

As I apologized and reflected on the moments throughout the week that my face got me into trouble, I was reminded of the importance of truth AND love. Both are easier by themselves, but they are so much more fruitful together. In life and leadership how hard am I trying to hold them in healthy tension? For as long as I can remember, I’ve been taught to see the face of Christ in others. How am I helping others see the face of Christ in me? Prayers for whatever you're facing this week, but more importantly prayers for how you face it.

by Daniel Cellucci

August 17, 2020

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