I’ve Been Asked This Question More Than Ever…

Fired Up Two by Two

This Sunday, we celebrate Pentecost, the birthday of our Church!

Pentecost marks the moment when Jesus sent his Apostles out on a special mission, two by two, to spread His message. Our Church was born.

The heart of Catholic Leadership Institute’s ministry is walking alongside Church leaders. Three decades ago, the Holy Spirit lit a fire within our Founder Tim Flanagan – that flame has spread to reach thousands of Catholics as we accompany parishes, dioceses, bishops, clergy, and lay leaders.

Today, we are faced with a similar moment as the Apostles. We must ignite the message of our faith. Shine a light on the Good News. Spark more conversations. Kindle more collaboration. Blaze forward two by two together again.

Our ministry celebrates our own 30th birthday, because so many of you choose to walk alongside Catholic Leadership Institute with your philanthropy, participation, and prayers.

Let’s keep walking together and meet the moment like the Apostles did, on fire with love for our Church and Her leaders!

The Answer to that Question…

The message of Pentecost called this to mind: recently, more people than ever before have asked “How can I share the good news of CLI with others?” If you know someone who may want to walk with us or learn more, here are three great ways:

  1. Forward our 2021 Impact Report– we have found that this is a great way to fire up a conversation. (CLICK HERE for Impact Report)
  2. Share these four powerful videos (each about three minutes long) – they certainly ignite my emotion and energy to serve our Church and keep on walking. (CLICK HERE for videos)
  3. Introduce them to any member of our team – we love to share our story and stoke the flames of someone’s interest in helping our Church!

by Chad Peddicord

June 01, 2022

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