On my way to Oklahoma, by way of South Bend, I spent 11 hours in the Detroit airport last Monday. Follow all of that? Me neither. All you need to know is that I was in Terminal A from 8am to 9pm. I walked loop after loop around the terminal, prompted by my new FitBit. I stopped for a cappuccino and a little later an espresso. I dined at PF Changs, twice. A lot of laptop time, numerous phone calls, a shoe shine, neck massage, and many spring rolls later, I still had about four hours left to kill. On my loops, I kept passing the “Religious Reflection Room” which I told myself would be “great to save for later.” But later never came. With about 20 minutes before boarding, I stood in front of PF Changs questioning if a third visit for dessert might somehow land me on a no-fly list. My FitBit vibrated with the message, “You’re really moving today!” Except, I hadn’t really gone anywhere. In a season of my Church and especially in my life where I lament for the space to pray, to “listen attentively to the Word of God”, and to ask the question, “What is your will for me?” I chose a Chinese chain restaurant almost three times. Not as bad as Peter, perhaps, but I had to wonder how many other opportunities I am missing because I am filling my time with the trivial and denying who I say I believe is essential. Time may fly when you’re having fun, but when you’re truly grounded, time is a gift you cherish and share with the One who gives it. I pray your Lenten travels get you to your next destination without delay.

by Daniel Cellucci

February 26, 2018

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