When I walked into Church this past Sunday, my pastor signaled me from across the Narthex. He gave me a piece of paper and a pen and asked me to provide feedback on the deacon’s homily. “Of course!” I said gleefully, imagining all of the astoundingly profound things I might offer. As I read the questions, I began to think it might be harder than I thought. “Did the homily sufficiently incorporate the readings? What did you take away from the homily that could help you in the Christian life?” I quickly tried skimming the readings before Mass began to make sure I wasn’t hearing them for the first time. As the deacon preached, I listened intently for my call to action to make sure I had something to jot down for that second question. Thankfully for me (and him) I did. The experience of listening with a purpose was way more helpful for me than my comments will be for the deacon. I was mindful of how poorly prepared I was entering into the liturgy. At Catholic Leadership Institute, I am almost obsessed with making sure meeting materials go out days in advance so people prepare. I’m easily frustrated when they don’t make the connections that I think are clear. Am I as active a listener in the pew as I am in the boardroom? Do I not only “silence my heart”, but focus my mind on the voice of God? Perhaps my homily homework should be more than hoping Father does his.

by Daniel Cellucci

July 09, 2018

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