I Problem

“ “God’s love is not a sentimental, emotional kind of love but the love of the Father who is the origin of all life, the love of the Son who dies on the Cross and is raised, the love of the Spirit who renews human beings and the world.””

Pope Francis
Recently, I was counseled against trying to be “all things to all people.” My friend, fearing I was overextending myself, told me I had a pronoun problem. “Keep your eye on the ‘I’”, he said. “The more you talk about what you have to do, the more you neglect the role others can play.” The Holy Trinity gives us a model of not only how important all three persons of God are to us, but also how important we are to each other. The Father, the Son, the Spirit, all have distinct and yet complementary and interdependent roles to play. Even within God’s love for us - there is relationship, there is distinction, there is dependence. Perhaps it’s not being “all things,” but rather being “all in” with what we give and what we are open to receiving.

by Daniel Cellucci

Jun 12, 2017

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