In the Trenches

“Love is the greatest power for the transformation of reality because it pulls down the walls of selfishness and fills the ditches that keep us apart.”

Pope Francis

I have many talents. Extensive landscaping is not one of them. Sure, I can plant a petunia with the best of them, but beyond a garden shovel for the annual annuals, my favorite outdoor tool is a phone to call a professional. Since we’ve moved to our home three years ago, every time it rains, I watch a large pond form wide enough to temporarily house some koi. Despite my reliance on outside experts, I’ve had the strong desire to solve the pooling problem myself. With a sewer grate within 20 feet, all that was needed was a trench right? Wrong. Lead the water to the sewer – a straight line with a shovel. How hard could it be? Hard. In addition to landscaping, my other worst subject is algebra and understanding “slope.” In my rush to solve the problem, the rush of water didn’t follow my trench and created a larger pond then before. The ground wasn’t ready. I didn’t grade the yard to enable the water to follow my masterplan.

As a leader, how often do I charge ahead with my plans without preparing the soil for people to follow? Am I trying to turn the tide without first investing in shaping the ground to maximize the momentum? In my path with the Lord, does my life slope in His direction? If not, time to dig in.

by Daniel Cellucci

Apr 29, 2019

Weekly CEO Leadership Insights