Just Brush Your Teeth

“God is indeed waiting for you; he asks of you only the courage to go to him.”

Pope Francis

I’ve never understood those people who yearn to exercise. However, as the metabolism fades and my desire for bread remains remarkably the same, I have come to accept (with my doctor’s strong encouragement) that exercise will need to be a part of my day. I’ve also come to accept that early in the morning is the only time that will work in the life of a young dad…and I am not a morning person. My routine for the last year has involved a 5am wakeup, while sleeping in my gym clothes, out the door by 5:09 and walking through the gym doors by 5:22 for a 5:30 class. Despite being successful in somewhat maintaining this routine for the last year, 5am has not come any easier. I’ve isolated that the only determining factor of whether I make it all the way to the gym or remain in my cozy cocoon of my bed is whether I take those first 13 steps and brush my teeth (toothpaste already on the night before). "Just brush your teeth," has become my first thought, my mantra for starting the day in a way that I know will keep me healthy.

What are the first steps in my routine of prayer that so often keep me from the Lord? Despite knowing the peace and comfort that will come from that time, how often do I tell myself the distance is just too far or not worth the journey? How do the sacrificial steps I make for my physical or professional health stack up to what I’m willing to do to build my spiritual muscle memory? I may not ever like waking up in the dark but I always am grateful to come home in the light.

by Daniel Cellucci

Nov 25, 2019

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