Just Own It 

“It is good to know the Lord takes on the burden of our fragilities and patiently gets us back on our feet with the strength to start over.  ”

Pope Francis
Growing up, I had plenty of opportunities to hone my skills at self-deprecating humor. I am the middle child of four, who was not known for good hand-eye coordination, and was surrounded by all-star athlete siblings. I became fairly adept at anticipating a tease and offering a better one about myself first. Even today, I tend to put my faults out there readily, sometimes maybe too readily. So, I always find it interesting when I experience someone who won’t. Whether it be in a performance review, a job interview, or a team-building exercise, some people won’t own their opportunities for growth. I was lamenting on these self-unaware individuals, when a friend zinged me – "You may talk about your flaws Dan, but are you doing anything about them?" Touché. I believe it’s valuable to proactively share your growth opportunities with others. As a leader, I think it makes you more accessible. What makes you credible though, is if you take the opportunity to grow. The Lord "takes on the burden of our fragilities," but do we? Do we talk to Him as He knows us or as we want others to know us? Do we own our faults and acknowledge how much God wants to help us with them? I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a little less talking to do.

by Daniel Cellucci

Feb 20, 2017

Weekly CEO Leadership Insights