Meeting Halfway

“May Advent be a time of hope. We go to encounter the Lord who comes to encounter us.  ”

Pope Francis
God bless people who travel to visit family during the holidays. It has never been my experience, nor am I hoping it to be. The thought of piling 6 people in a plane, train, or automobile for an extended period of time is far from my definition of "merry." I like people to come to me (preferably with me able to stay in my sweatpants). However, during my last work trip before Christmas, I saw so many people with determination, with a sense of excitement and purpose for their journey. I couldn’t help but notice the exuberant embraces of those who came to get them at the airport. It made me think about my upcoming holiday and my ministry. When I am looking for hope, am I waiting for it to come to me, or am I making the effort to journey toward it? Do I expect others, and especially the Lord, to travel the distance, or will I meet them halfway? Safe and blessed travels for you this week whether they be of the road or the heart.

by Daniel Cellucci

Dec 19, 2016

Weekly CEO Leadership Insights