Pace Maker

“Jesus enjoys dominion because he is a servant, glory because he is capable of abasement, kingship because he is fully prepared to lay down his life.”

Pope Francis

I recently finished an excellent book by Devon Schadt entitled “Show Us the Father.” He boasts, with good reason, that he has seven secrets to being the father God calls you to be. Without giving away the gold, one of the mantras that has stuck with me for months has been to “set the pace of sacrificial love.” While I hate running, I love that metaphor for fatherhood and for leadership. Do I set a pace in my organization, my family, my friendships, that is erratic, unrecognizable, or unhealthy? Or do I demonstrate a discipline to self-giving that is steady, integrated, and accessible? When it comes to servant leadership, we do not need to run so no one can reach us. Rather, we can advance in a way that challenges others to join us as we seek to join the Lord. Here’s to recognizing there is only one true winner in the race, and His victory is for all of us.

by Daniel Cellucci

Oct 22, 2018

Weekly CEO Leadership Insights