Replacement Value

“Everyone can help bring about a culture of mercy, in which no one looks at another with indifference.  ”

Pope Francis
"No one’s irreplaceable." Advice I have been given and that I’ve offered to many a leader who have struggled with personnel decisions. While I’ve always offered it with the hope of providing reassurance or encouragement for making a difficult move, I must admit that the last time I heard the expression, it didn’t sit right. Each of us is irreplaceable because we were made uniquely by God. Each of us has a unique role to play. We shouldn’t overplay it, but we shouldn’t underplay it either. As a leader, am I aware of the true value of those I lead? Does their contribution stop with my needs or do I strive to understand their irreplaceability as God does? Perhaps my lens, is what needs the most replacing.

by Daniel Cellucci

Jan 16, 2017

Weekly CEO Leadership Insights