Running on Empty

“In certain moments doubts come to everyone. Doubts that touch the faith, in a positive sense, are a sign that we want to know God, Jesus, and the mystery of his love for us better and more deeply.”

Pope Francis
Among the many reasons I fell in love with my wife was her confidence and determination. While very magnetic, this trait can have its occasional limitation, particularly when it fails to allow Tricia to recognize the limitation of our minivan’s 16-gallon gas tank. When the light comes on, that’s simply an indication for Tricia that she can definitely make it to her destination, regardless of the distance. It’s also a reminder for me to get gas the next time I am out. This weekend, however, we learned that Tricia was unaware of the electronic fuel gauge projecting the number of miles left until empty. After I pointed it out, her own light suddenly came on, and she exclaimed, "Wow, I had no idea, I really need to get some gas immediately."  As we drove on to the nearest gas station, I wondered, when it comes to my limits in life and leadership, do I really know how far I can push myself? Do the warning lights prevent me from going further than I could or should? Do I know where to look to find my real limits? And when I’m nearly on empty, do I try and fill my tank with something fleeting or do I take it as "a sign to want to know the mystery of His Love more deeply?" This week, I hope your tank doesn’t get as empty as our minivan.

by Daniel Cellucci

Sep 18, 2017

Weekly CEO Leadership Insights