It seemed as though yes’s were all around this weekend. In addition to the ordinations and royal weddings, we had the first family nuptials on my wife’s side since our own, more than twelve years ago. Jessica, the oldest of the 29 first cousins, married Joe, a kind man with a great sense of humor, whom we have all come to know and love. As I listened to them exchange vows, in front of a priest ordained more than 40 years, the power of their "yes" in that moment struck me. Their "yes" was not to a great event or to a lofty idea. It was not to a thought out plan or a guarantee. It was to a person. It was to each other. Reflecting on my own marriage, “convenience” was not a word that came to mind, but the image of my beautiful wife did. The commitment means nothing without the relationship. But, what about my discipleship? Am I saying "yes" to an idea or to a person? Do I offer a conditional response full of “momentary calculations” or am I making a daily commitment to a Jesus that is as real to me as Tricia, as real as Joe is to Jessica? May God bless our newly ordained, Jessica and Joe, Harry and Meghan, and all of those blessed to live the married vocation. And may we all be blessed to renew our "yes" to the real and present Lord who stands before us always.

by Daniel Cellucci

May 21, 2018

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