“If you pay attention to the heart, you will find you are close to the Lord and to others.”

Pope Francis
We are blessed to be growing our team and that means lots of interviews. One of the positions that has been hardest to fill is a role to support me and the Leadership Team. The process has been exhausting and while I usually enjoy meeting new people, lately I’ve found myself making up my mind within the first five minutes of the interview whether or not the conversation should continue. Harsh? Perhaps. However, after 13 years of working at Catholic Leadership Institute and completing probably every personality inventory on the face of the earth, I know me and I know what type of support this guy requires. Or do I? When one candidate asked why the position had been open so long, I explained very confidently that I just hadn’t found the right fit yet. The person responded, “Well, just be sure you are looking for what you need versus what you know.” While it didn’t work out with that candidate, her advice stuck with me and with more than just my quest to find a great assistant. Does all the experience that has formed my gut help me to still discover or lead me to simply discard? Am I actually looking for a standard that advances the mission or am I unconsciously building a “nest to protect my mediocrity?” While true, valid, and relevant, how might my knowledge prevent me from gaining wisdom and, most importantly, His Wisdom? Maybe I need less of a search and more of a rescue. Prayers for your quests this week.

by Daniel Cellucci

Jul 23, 2018

Weekly CEO Leadership Insights