Sing, for the Love of God

““To be saints is not a privilege for the few, but a vocation for everyone.””

Pope Francis
I have zero musical ability. Once referred to as the “Vice-President of the Rhythm-less Nation,” my inability to catch a beat is only trumped by an even worse singing voice. Even my own mother told me at age 12 that instead of singing, “maybe I should try an instrument.” Yet, I love to sing - in the car, with the kids, and in church. My philosophy is that “God gave me this voice and I’m giving it right back.” However, the other day, when I was at Mass, it really sounded like it was just me and the cantor in a church full of people. Not only was it rough to hear the sound of my own voice unbuffered by other, better voices, but it was depressing to see so many static faces and unmoving lips. My wife turned to me and whispered, “For the love of God, could someone other than you sing loudly?” The whole experience made me think about the times where I take a spectator’s seat in a leadership moment that’s calling me to act, especially moments where I might have something unique to offer. Whether it’s because I lack the confidence to step up or the energy to step in, the result is that I am sitting on a God-given gift. Our baptismal call is not a spectator sport. It demands every gift we know and even the ones we aren’t confident we have…for the love of God.

by Daniel Cellucci

Jan 30, 2017

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