“We are everyone’s brothers and sisters, and for this reason we are prophets of a new world”

Pope Francis

Hardly a day goes by that I don’t need to sign something - letters, certificates, and certainly contracts. I try to read carefully all of the documents upon which I need to affix my John Hancock, particularly when I’m committing the organization to something. As I pursued the “standard terms” section at the back of the latest agreement on my desk, I wondered why it was the longest part of the document. I also thought a more appropriate name for the section might have been “worst case scenario.”

Of course it’s prudent to outline expectations and anticipate what issues might come up. However, it made me think, as a leader, what do my “standard terms” look like? Do I fixate on requirements, details, and constantly plan for the next problem, or do I pull people toward a new place, a bigger vision, a higher standard? Am I a contractual leader that commits to transactional expectations, or do I strive to be a covenantal leader that speaks of the promise of what we can do together, what God can do through us? Imagine if that were our standard.

by Daniel Cellucci

December 03, 2018

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