Last week, I wrote about the way to move faster on our leadership freeway and this week, I got a speeding ticket. At least I’m beginning to recognize God’s sense of humor, even if I haven’t yet come to appreciate it. I overslept for an early flight and I was "flying" to the airport when the flashing lights appeared. I apologized to the officer and explained that I was late for a plane. He looked at the 3 empty car seats in the back and said, "Your plane more important than who sits in those seats?" I shook my head no. "Only move that fast for what is that important." And with a mandatory request for a small donation to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, he sent me on my way. His counsel stayed with me as I kept to the farthest right hand lane. Does the fervor with which I do things match the importance of those things? "Nothing stops me" from making my plane, but how about from "living and growing the Heavenly Father's friendship"? How might my life and leadership be different if that’s what I was rushing toward? For anyone who shares a membership with me in the lead foot club, let’s make sure our need for speed doesn’t cause us to miss the real exit.

by Daniel Cellucci

August 28, 2017

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