The Trouble with Trouble-Shooting

“We are called to be blessed, to be followers of Jesus, to confront the troubles and anxieties of our age with the spirit and love of Jesus. Thus we ought to be able to recognize and respond to new situations with fresh spiritual energy.”

Pope Francis
"To De-catastrophize." That was the remedy a psychologist recommended on a TV program to all those viewers who were anxious because of any number of the world’s nerve-racking or depressing situations. At CLI, we offer troubleshooting as a leadership skill in our programs. Participants learn to anticipate what might go wrong and generate solutions and alternatives. While I’m a pretty decent troubleshooter, I know I am an excellent catastrophizer. It’s a slippery slope between the two. So, what’s the difference? "The spirit and love of Jesus." While it’s easy to catastrophize, I must remind myself that when I do, I remove God from the equation. My lack of trust and acknowledgement of His presence doesn’t limit His power, but it can limit the potential He has given me and those I lead…and that’s the real trouble. Blessings this week as we ask and look for the peace that only He can bring.

by Daniel Cellucci

Nov 14, 2016

Weekly CEO Leadership Insights