“We need discernment at all times, lest we fail to heed the promptings of His grace and disregard His invitation to grow.”

Pope Francis

"Decision fatigue" is perhaps the best coined term I’ve heard during the whole pandemic. It’s amazing to me how two words can conjure such an immediate resonance. You make your best plan, weighing all the contradictory data and confusing messages, only to have to revise and pivot the next day or the next week. As the fall quickly approaches, it feels like my brain has been on overdrive. It feels as if I’m trying to solve unsolvable algebra problems at home, at work - what to do with the kids and school, when to travel, etc, etc. If this, then that. Let me be honest, I barely passed high school algebra. It wasn’t until I sat in Mass this Sunday, struggling to pay attention because my mask was fogging my glasses, that I heard one line and one line only, "Bring them here to me." I have heard the Gospel of the loaves and fish hundreds of times, but for the first time, I was in the story. I was one of those disciples. I was doing the math, running all the scenarios, and nothing equaled X. The rational, logical limits that my mind could compute were leaving me without a solution because the problem was just too big.

It made me ponder, with any number of my decisions about the fall, how many times have I brought them to the Lord? That answer is zero. He invites me to lay them at His feet and yet how long will I wait? How many ways will I try to divide five loaves for five thousand before I give Him what I have, so He can do what only He can do? The Lord may not give us the answer, but if past history is any indication of future performance, He will give us enough peace in our discernment, even to have some left over. Wherever your decision fatigue might stand this week, I pray you hand it over Him and rest in His abundance.

by Daniel Cellucci

Aug 03, 2020

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