Traveling Light

“In Advent, we are called to enlarge the horizons of our hearts, to be surprised by the life that is presented each day with its newness.”

Pope Francis
Recently, I attended a meeting where the agenda was very short, but the history preceding it seemed long and complicated. As an outsider in this particular case, I observed people bringing a lot of stuff to a fairly straightforward question that needed resolution. It made me reflect on what I am bringing with me to different moments of leadership. How much of it is necessary or even helpful? Is what I am bringing allowing "the horizons of my heart" to be enlarged? Or, is it limiting the potential of the present? As I continue my Advent journey, I am trying to ask less what I should bring and more what I need to leave behind. Blessings on a traveling light.

by Daniel Cellucci

Dec 12, 2016

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