Trick or Treat

““Love is a patient effort by persons who dedicate themselves to listening and drawing closer to others.””

Pope Francis
Last week, I had a difficult conversation. In the immediate aftermath, I wanted to discredit the other person’s perspective. I wanted to litigate all the holes in their narrative – after all, I knew I was right. As I prayed about my frustration, I realized the bigger gap was not in what was true and false about the other person’s perspective. The bigger gap was in how I was responding and how I wanted to respond as well as how I am called to respond. I wasn’t “drawing closer” to others. I wasn’t listening for the opportunity for self growth. I wasn’t 100% right. Sometimes, the trick about being right is that you can lose the chance to be better and help someone else be better... and that’s no treat.

by Daniel Cellucci

Oct 31, 2016

Weekly CEO Leadership Insights