What's stopping you?

““Every day we are all called to become a “caress of God” for those who perhaps have forgotten their first caresses, or perhaps who never have felt a caress in their life.” –”

Pope Francis
Growing up my mom’s favorite line was “Starting Monday…” Whether it was her announcing a new diet or a habit we needed to adopt, it was always a monumental declaration that would be followed by our giggles and teasing. Despite my ridicule as a child, as an adult, I have embraced this mantra for my own failed attempts at an exercise routine or striving to have a better work-life balance. At Mass on Sunday, the priest said, “Conversion is not the path to Christianity. It is Christianity.” Christianity and leadership are not evaluated in our plans or our future, but in our present. The “every day" call to become a "caress of God” requires a daily decision, not the best laid plan when the conditions are just right. Today’s the day – it just so happens it is also Monday.

by Daniel Cellucci

Sep 12, 2016

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