Consulting Services

Catholic Leadership Institute’s consulting ministry is making a difference in the leadership and care of bishops and in the renewed energy and focus of dioceses.

Catholic Leadership Institute provides respectful direction and facilitation as it applies to building strong leadership teams, discerning diocesan priorities, and diocesan envisioning.

Our consulting opportunities come in many developing forms that are written to mold to unique situations. We have three main offerings:

Build & Maintain a Cohesive Leadership Team

A four-month service for a Bishop’s key staff. During these four months, the Bishop and his cabinet develop quality, collaborative relationships among themselves and became a strong, focused leadership team for the diocese.

Discern & Implement a Diocesan Priority Plan

During this nine-month service, Catholic Leadership Institute works with a bishop and his prayerfully discerned Planning Leadership Team to identify and plan for three Diocesan Priorities over 18-24 months.

Discern & Proclaim a Mutually Shared Vision and Diocesan Priorities

This thirteen-month service helps to guide a bishop and his prayerfully discerned Envisioning Leadership Team with the creation of a Mutually Shared Vision for the diocese. This Mutually Shared Vision includes a sacred purpose, core values, a 5-year statement of vision, and 3 priorities.

All of these services are structured to facilitate strong, collaborative relationships between key staff and team members as well as between team members and their bishop as a means to develop quality ministry and respectful communication between all persons and accompanying decisions.

San Antonio — A Future in Faith

Catholic Leadership Institute worked with Archbishop Gustavo and his leadership team to develop a vision and priorities for the archdiocese. Archbishop Gustavo García-Siller unveiled the Mutually Shared Vision and Pastoral Priorities Plan for the Archdiocese of San Antonio to a crowd of close to 3,000 faithful on May 18, 2013 — Pentecost Sunday.


Miami — The Second General Synod of the Archdiocese of Miami

Catholic Leadership Institute worked with Archbishop Wenski, his leadership team and close to 800 volunteers, to facilitate: Disciples in Faith, Missionaries of Hope — the 2nd General Synod of the Archdiocese of Miami. The Strategic Plan for the Archdiocese was formally announced at the Synod closing assembly on October 26, 2013.


Boston — Disciples in Mission: A Pastoral Plan for the Archdiocese of Boston

In support of the Archdiocese’s new pastoral plan, Catholic Leadership Institute provided leadership training for all Archdiocesan employees. In addition to this training, Catholic Leadership Institute facilitated training and provided executive coaching, for the 12 pastors who were appointed to lead collaborative parishes.


Fr. Jack Gleason — Church of St. Mary, Diocese of Tulsa, OK

Catholic Leadership Institute guided Fr. Jack and 11 members of a Parish Priority Planning Team to discern and execute a Parish Priority Plan for the Church of St. Mary.